Thursday, June 2, 2011


i have always been strangely attracted to Jesus.  no.  not in the religious, christian obsessive, major turn-off way...but more with a curiosity.  who was he- really, beyond what men today and yesterdays have summed up.

i can't help but admit this attraction stems from an innate way that cannot be justified with any form of logic.  it is definitely produced from a place beyond my physical self, not outer space ...but maybe in a previous life time sort of way...

whatever Jesus was, or had inside his heart and what people are searching for, God.  
so- it may seem, that God is within you and me.  

is this going to start some controversy?

i can live without the latest fashion, the idealized lifestyle of man made things...  
but i cannot live without love.

when i think of the word love, no rational definition comes to mind.  because it is not mind created, or so i think.

love is a feeling, and the feeling expands when we share it with people and yes, even animals.
but feelings are fleeting...this poses an inconsistency..probably within ourselves.

has this love of God, a somewhat esoteric idea or imagination in which we believe in, hope to be more like...misconstrue our perception of love?

we are naturally attracted to people who triggers a feeling within, not on the surface, but in a way that pokes in the inside, maybe inside the insides we weren't so clearly aware even existed...
to awaken us.  to shift the deeper parts we were not ready to meet, nor face, nor commit to.  

maybe that is what heart break sometimes is. 

i believe Love is essentially God...therefore God is Love.  so if you are sharing Love, you are sharing God. perhaps the most intrinsic part of our existence. 

we don't need to start wars and ruckus over this truth. such conflicts are usually ego inspired
...and my own definition of sin means to be if you are without Truth, living without Truth, you are then sinning.  and no, you will not go to hell, because hell is a self created entity, it is not a place to visit during holiday.

if there is no Truth which resides in you, then this is definitely some food for thought.

"What is absolutely true is always correct, everywhere, all the time, under any condition. An entity's ability to discern these things is irrelevant to that state of truth." - Steven Robiner