Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meet Anon-

This is Anon
place: los angeles

86 years young, aquarius, from Michigan, favorite color: blue, ex engineer, currently an apartment manager, of Welsh descent, single, loves reading, favorite food: chicken, enjoys wood working, favorite season: fall.

Favorite Book

Define LOVE
anon: physical attraction between two people-
veramay: thats it? really?
anon: well what else is there?
veramay: men never change do they...
he laughs..

Been in love 3 times in 86 years

NO- no such thing..

Anon's type
people who are also attracted to me, it is a two way street

(i am astonished by his simplicity in his convictions)

has had 15+ girlfriends, he really can't keep track but thats a well rounded number..
what a pimp i say..

First kiss
15 yrs. old

First love
25 yrs. old (became his wife who passed earlier in life)
has 1 daughter with his first love

received a lot of love from the average nuclear home environment

Currently not in love-
last girlfriend, 40 years younger, lasted 14 years
he let her go, because she wanted to get married and he didn't want to "leave" her too soon, realizing how much older in age he was..

now that is what i call love.

Love at first site?
yes- hello love, goodbye love...
comes quickly, leaves quickly..but yes
(goes back to that physical attraction belief...i suppose)

What sustains a relationship?
being logical
find your own space, live in a house with multiple rooms.
LOL. i am laughing... 

Do you believe in one love for life?
monogamy is a nice idea, but not easy.  you can have many loves in a  life time.

Who do you love?
my daughter

What do you love?
life, i love being alive

LOVE in German:
(Anon met a woman when he was in his 50s that had a profound affect on his life...his second love..she was German, they traveled the world together. he says she was his "perfect woman"....was very beautiful)

Have you ever been heart broken?
Not really, when my wife passed, that was heart breaking...i fainted

Feels 50 years young

Greatest thing about Love

Favorite quote
"tomorrow do your worst, i live today"

Philosophy of life
"life is about random occurrences, molecules coming together and creating experiences and creations..we need to find our own personal meaning and value to life"

Philosophy of love
"love is extremely important in life, it gives motive in be better for the other person"

Do you believe in God
not the spiritual or any religion..

with that, i thank him for his time...for time is what is truly valuable in life..
what do we do with our time?
how do we share it, with whom-
do we value our time? 
it is all we have on this earth..that cannot be replaced or bought...

what we do with essentially who we are and the imprints we leave..
so love, a lot.
its rich in giving and receiving..


Monday, March 28, 2011

Adele - Love Song

LOVE her&this song..

"you make me feel like i am home again"

i think there is a part of love we look take us back to the feeling of home, good or bad..


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet Dan-

This is Dan.

Tall, handsome, an artist, 22 yrs young, Thai descent, currently in Love, 1st generation USA, loves his mother, only child, loves bbq, favorite color: black, season: fall, vice: cigs and coffee

How Danny Sees Himself:  
stubborn, loyal, sensitive, rebellious, a loner, hyper, (im)patient, feels 30 yrs young

Favorite Song:
Bloodstream by Stateless (also a favorite of mine, listen to it)

Danny defines LOVE:
freedom, having company, fantasy

Discovered love as a teen
First kiss: 15
First love: 17 (says he thought it was love)

Love in Thai:

Been in love 3 times

What is love to Danny:
love is basically life for me, no love, no life.  Without it, i cannot function.

Has your Thai culture affected your views on love and relationships?
no one said i love you growing up..not much attention to love, lack of it.  There was more enthusiasm for survival and education
the thai culture would have affected me if i succumbed to the influence but I didn't give a shit, i knew i would find love my own way

Have you been heart broken?
yes. once. I acted in a way that was uncharacteristic of who i truly am..started putting stress on everything..she wanted to leave, i wouldn't believe it.  i passionately and fiercely wanted it to work and it didn't.  i wanted to hide, was angry with myself..blamed myself..lost faith in love

Do you believe in Soulmates?
Yes, different ways

Do you believe in love at first sight?
no.  but it maybe havent happened yet.

How do you make relationships work?
through understanding, communication, empathy, patience, acceptance, compromise

Who do you love?
mom, myself, family, girlfriend, close friends

What do you love?
music, food, clothes, interior design, motorcycles, electronics, being lazy, drama

Do you believe in Marriage?
Yes, but it is not a high priority

What is Marriage to you?
a label really, to conform to society, its really a doesnt give a shit as long as you're in love.  hates the idea of divorce

Want kids?

Dannys "type"
tall- 5'10-6'
exotic (accents, new culture)
someone who is comfortable in their own skin
desire to learn 
devious women
creative, somewhat artsy
likes similar music, fashion, books, movies
similar philosophy of life

Turn ONS:
messy hair
natural beauty
comfort with self
eye contact, intense

Turn OFFS:
judgmental women
no sense of self
too much make up

Do you believe in GOD?
yes, believes there is a God, but stays away from extremists
believes in free will and not attached to a specific religion

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Happy, still pursuing my dreams, whatever the dream will be in 10 years.  will be in love. always in love.

Dannys choice of quote...

as i left this pleasant interview, i met a young man in the elevator who just got back from Afghanistan, he was so pleasant and happy to be back..his genuine exchange and presence in the moment was so rare..i can't help but wonder if thats also a definition of love.  the world would be quite a better place...with genuine human exchange.

so the next time you see a stranger, and meet them, meet them in the eye.  don't have your thoughts and judgements running never know what you'll discover.

searching high and low for the definition of love...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite authors..The Alchemist, is one of the key ingredients to why i am and who i am today...

From his blog, he speaks a lot of soul mates, love, relationships..the Spirit.

Below are a few points of views..on marriage from his readers.

Stella: I am condemned to love you, and that is my salvation. I shall have to live for ever in the shadow of your eyes, accept the fact that everything your hand touches arouses the best in me. All that I know is your love, nothing else interests me.
Prajakta: Two people join together, love provokes more love. Two imperfect beings unite, and perfection becomes possible.
Dasha: The ceremony of marriage is just a symbol, and we could live very well without all the pressures that it implies. Love is free and wild, and the more we feel this state of freedom, the more aware we are of the joy that it means to live with another person we have chosen, rather than with someone that society has obliged us to be with.
Leila: In my religion (Islam), marriage amounts to many ways of worshipping God. I cannot understand religions that preach celibacy and asceticism, which severs human beings from their natural condition.
Nadia: I need love. I need someone to tell me that he is in love with me, and that’s all. I have no need for a white dress and a church blessing, but I seem to be the only one among my friends to think this way. They are all afraid of loneliness; if I don’t find someone who understands me deeply, what’s wrong about being alone? But the pressure is so great that I think that I am gong to have to accept it sooner or later, or else my self-esteem will be seriously damaged.
Liz: I’m going to get married in two weeks, and I’ve been talking compulsively about it. What conclusion have I reached? With or without a formal ceremony, a couple will always be what they can be. The only thing that changes is that we will have to disguise our fighting with one another.
Neel P.: I believe that a couple that puts God at the center of their lives will also know where to put marriage where it belongs. Being with another person doesn’t mean making a god of them, this should be seen as part of the divine blessings that affect our lives every day – like love, sex, music, solitude, and even suffering. Marriage is by no means destiny, but rather part of our path, and I am sure that God uses this union for a reason that goes far beyond perpetuating the species.

what does marriage mean to you?  is it a bond society has created so our government can govern us in a more organized fashion? what does the bond between two people joining together, promising their devotion for the rest of their lives...mean?  take away the documents, the tax write offs, the ideal of being happy and content forever and ever...

monogamy is a choice.  it is always a choice.  something special and magical that cannot necessarily be defined by any human language takes us to that choice.  
chemistry between two people, honing it, protecting the sacredness of it...gratitude for the bond.  that is more "marriage" than a ring and a marriage license to sign and please.  

the word marriage, according to the english dictionary literarily means :


the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.
a similar institution involving partners of the same gender: gay marriage.
the state, condition, or relationship of being married;wedlock: a happy marriage.
the legal or religious ceremony that formalizes the decisionof two people to live as a married couple, including theaccompanying social festivities: to officiate at a marriage.
a relationship in which two people have pledged themselvesto each other in the manner of a husband and wife, withoutlegal sanction: trial marriage.
any close or intimate association or union: the marriage ofwords and music in a hit song.
a formal agreement between two companies or enterprisesto combine operations, resources, etc., for mutual benefit;merger.
a blending or matching of different elements or components:The new lipstick is a beautiful marriage of fragrance andtexture.
Cards a meld of the king and queen of a suit, as inpinochle. Compare royal marriage.
a piece of antique furniture assembled from components oftwo or more authentic pieces.
Obsolete the formal declaration or contract by which act aman and a woman join in wedlock

The first words to describe marriage are "social institution" and "legal commitments".

i understand those are realities in todays world, but i think divorce is much too common because the purity of love is disillusioned by the ideals of what love should be, images engrained by what the world says is appropriate.

trust in in your intuition, your gut, for those who are not into believing intuition...and you realize, love cannot be lied to if it is true, and what is true... can never be hidden nor denied. no matter how hard you try.

just food for thought.