Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Josh Jones and Love...

So-- when I initially interviewed Josh, it was more of a video interview.  My intention was to share that video, but technically, the wind and urth cafe chatter did not help with our sound design, so maybe next time...

Josh is from Portland, Oregon, currently lives in one of my favorite cities, SAN FRANCISCO! Okay, the capitals weren't necessary, but I just get so enthused when I think about SF.

One thing that is relevant about Josh at this point in his life, and maybe since I have met him, which has been several his dire search for TRUE LOVE.

This is all this man talks about.  How he is ready and in search for his love.  Where is this love?  I have complete faith he will find it, find her.. he happens to be quite choosy, but we all have our standards.  

Josh is great, here is his input.
PS-- this is translated from a video, so it may seem a bit drab or out of sorts.  

Josh-- what is the first thing you think of when you hear the word love?
Umm, I just think about the feeling of being in love, and what that means, and the way I can tell I am in love is by feeling at home with somebody.

Are you currently in love?
No- I am not.

How many times have you been in love?

What are your hobbies?
Making music, basketball, snowboarding, sleeping, and cooking.

What do you do for a living?
I create sound effects for video games.

Any games you can brag about?
Um. No.

What do you find most attractive in a women?
A beautiful woman who doesn't think she is beautiful.  A humble woman.  It is very hard to find someone who is genuine, who has no fronts.  To be themselves, no fake laughs, only knows to be themselves.  

What are your turn offs?
A woman who is not beautiful but believes she is.

What was your family upbringing like?
Lots of love.  Parents are still together after 45 years, have great relationships with 4 brothers and sisters. Had a great childhood, was really lucky.  Parents were sensitive and affectionate.

Do you believe in God?
Um, yea.  I think everyone believes in God but they have a different definition of what that means to them.  

What does it mean to you?
God is everything.  Everything we know and don't understand, summed up in one word.

Does whoever you fall in love with need to have the same definition of God?

First kiss?
7th grade.  Worst kiss ever. I spit for 3 hours afterwards, I just kept thinking of how gross her germs in my mouth were.  

First love?

V card?
Lost virginity at 19...(questionable with his laughs)

Have you ever cheated?

She cheated on me. Felt shitty, but I wasn't in love. It was in high school.  I won't ever cheat ever again.

Favorite book
The Alchemist

Royksopp, Boxer Rebellion

What do you want to do before you die?
I have done everything I wanted to do.  When I was young I dreamed about traveling the world, performing in front of hundreds of people, and falling in love.  

Do you want children?
Maybe one day, and a half.

Any last words?
No because anything I say will sound cheesy...


Now, when I watch the video- it is quite entertaining.  When I read these words, they are more informative.  Josh understands...
I have a slight responsibility, I am going to help him find his love!
She does not need to live in Sf, she just needs to exist in the way he desires.  

Intentions are set.  Ready, set, go--!

Oh-- and this is his other love, Zod.

more from me later...