Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet Dan-

This is Dan.

Tall, handsome, an artist, 22 yrs young, Thai descent, currently in Love, 1st generation USA, loves his mother, only child, loves bbq, favorite color: black, season: fall, vice: cigs and coffee

How Danny Sees Himself:  
stubborn, loyal, sensitive, rebellious, a loner, hyper, (im)patient, feels 30 yrs young

Favorite Song:
Bloodstream by Stateless (also a favorite of mine, listen to it)

Danny defines LOVE:
freedom, having company, fantasy

Discovered love as a teen
First kiss: 15
First love: 17 (says he thought it was love)

Love in Thai:

Been in love 3 times

What is love to Danny:
love is basically life for me, no love, no life.  Without it, i cannot function.

Has your Thai culture affected your views on love and relationships?
no one said i love you growing up..not much attention to love, lack of it.  There was more enthusiasm for survival and education
the thai culture would have affected me if i succumbed to the influence but I didn't give a shit, i knew i would find love my own way

Have you been heart broken?
yes. once. I acted in a way that was uncharacteristic of who i truly am..started putting stress on everything..she wanted to leave, i wouldn't believe it.  i passionately and fiercely wanted it to work and it didn't.  i wanted to hide, was angry with myself..blamed myself..lost faith in love

Do you believe in Soulmates?
Yes, different ways

Do you believe in love at first sight?
no.  but it maybe havent happened yet.

How do you make relationships work?
through understanding, communication, empathy, patience, acceptance, compromise

Who do you love?
mom, myself, family, girlfriend, close friends

What do you love?
music, food, clothes, interior design, motorcycles, electronics, being lazy, drama

Do you believe in Marriage?
Yes, but it is not a high priority

What is Marriage to you?
a label really, to conform to society, its really a doesnt give a shit as long as you're in love.  hates the idea of divorce

Want kids?

Dannys "type"
tall- 5'10-6'
exotic (accents, new culture)
someone who is comfortable in their own skin
desire to learn 
devious women
creative, somewhat artsy
likes similar music, fashion, books, movies
similar philosophy of life

Turn ONS:
messy hair
natural beauty
comfort with self
eye contact, intense

Turn OFFS:
judgmental women
no sense of self
too much make up

Do you believe in GOD?
yes, believes there is a God, but stays away from extremists
believes in free will and not attached to a specific religion

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Happy, still pursuing my dreams, whatever the dream will be in 10 years.  will be in love. always in love.

Dannys choice of quote...

as i left this pleasant interview, i met a young man in the elevator who just got back from Afghanistan, he was so pleasant and happy to be back..his genuine exchange and presence in the moment was so rare..i can't help but wonder if thats also a definition of love.  the world would be quite a better place...with genuine human exchange.

so the next time you see a stranger, and meet them, meet them in the eye.  don't have your thoughts and judgements running never know what you'll discover.

searching high and low for the definition of love...