Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meet Anon-

This is Anon
place: los angeles

86 years young, aquarius, from Michigan, favorite color: blue, ex engineer, currently an apartment manager, of Welsh descent, single, loves reading, favorite food: chicken, enjoys wood working, favorite season: fall.

Favorite Book

Define LOVE
anon: physical attraction between two people-
veramay: thats it? really?
anon: well what else is there?
veramay: men never change do they...
he laughs..

Been in love 3 times in 86 years

NO- no such thing..

Anon's type
people who are also attracted to me, it is a two way street

(i am astonished by his simplicity in his convictions)

has had 15+ girlfriends, he really can't keep track but thats a well rounded number..
what a pimp i say..

First kiss
15 yrs. old

First love
25 yrs. old (became his wife who passed earlier in life)
has 1 daughter with his first love

received a lot of love from the average nuclear home environment

Currently not in love-
last girlfriend, 40 years younger, lasted 14 years
he let her go, because she wanted to get married and he didn't want to "leave" her too soon, realizing how much older in age he was..

now that is what i call love.

Love at first site?
yes- hello love, goodbye love...
comes quickly, leaves quickly..but yes
(goes back to that physical attraction belief...i suppose)

What sustains a relationship?
being logical
find your own space, live in a house with multiple rooms.
LOL. i am laughing... 

Do you believe in one love for life?
monogamy is a nice idea, but not easy.  you can have many loves in a  life time.

Who do you love?
my daughter

What do you love?
life, i love being alive

LOVE in German:
(Anon met a woman when he was in his 50s that had a profound affect on his life...his second love..she was German, they traveled the world together. he says she was his "perfect woman"....was very beautiful)

Have you ever been heart broken?
Not really, when my wife passed, that was heart breaking...i fainted

Feels 50 years young

Greatest thing about Love

Favorite quote
"tomorrow do your worst, i live today"

Philosophy of life
"life is about random occurrences, molecules coming together and creating experiences and creations..we need to find our own personal meaning and value to life"

Philosophy of love
"love is extremely important in life, it gives motive in be better for the other person"

Do you believe in God
not the spiritual or any religion..

with that, i thank him for his time...for time is what is truly valuable in life..
what do we do with our time?
how do we share it, with whom-
do we value our time? 
it is all we have on this earth..that cannot be replaced or bought...

what we do with essentially who we are and the imprints we leave..
so love, a lot.
its rich in giving and receiving..