Monday, May 2, 2011

Fate, Travel & Soulmates

travel travel....led me sitting in between two very wise souls.
of course they have had plenty of life experience beyond my own..

this is what happens in life. you are given an opportunity, placed, to sit near two complete strangers, in tight quarters, and you then choose, to either share your thoughts or to just share the space.

i decided, well decided on an intuitive level, that these two people could share and even enlighten me in some way...

Ariana, fragile, classier older woman, with grey salty peppered hair, was jeweled with antique pieces from head to toe.  silvers that appeared from ancient ruins and shoes made in finland, delicately painted.  but all together, put together nicely and so surely. each in perfect place.

she intrigued me, she had beauty in her presence, beyond her pellucid blue eyes, that i knew i wanted to know more of.

we began a conversation after i had complemented her sense of style and fashion.
everyone loves a compliment, especially one which comes from a genuine place.

she had dignity and grace- had a firm voice..chose her words carefully and with conviction. i vaguely mentioned my quest for the definition of love beyond boundaries and ideals..and asked if she could share some of her stories...

Ariana- sitting to my right
69 years young
love in Finnish: rakkaus
super private, didn't want me to use her real name..
born and raised in Finland
met her husband at Dartmouth
was previously engaged
wrote letters to her now husband for two years before they married
he is a neurologist
she has 3 children
7 grand children
converted to Judaism for her love
believes in reincarnation

Ariana believes kids these days, have too many options, too many experiences and that the grass will forever look greener on the other side- therefore, she feels sorry for us in a sense.


she is definitely more traditional and conservative, believes choosing partners for your children may not be such a horrific idea considering she believes parents do know and want what is best for their offsprings...


Lynn, to my left.
in his late 50's
6'4- ish
super handsome
he knew it.

was previously married, on his second marriage.
believes she is truly his soulmate-
met her at a fancy hotel bar, she wasn't the most beautiful in the room,
wasn't as beautiful as his previous wife, but she was able to deliver something to his soul.
only he knows what that is.

has 3 step children he absolutely adores.
was apparently a popular prince charming throughout most of his early life.
i believe it.
he was the type of usual handsome man, who could enter a room and command everyone's attention, with ease.  perhaps even his worst enemies could submit to love him.

he invents things.
he is an inventor. i cannot get into it because thats for another blog.

but he said, in marriage, in any must 

1. accept the whole person. the person you fall in love with, will not be the same person in 1, 4, 10 years.
2. ask these three questions.
- can you commit, fully, to this one person
- do you trust this person
- do you like this person

they seem so simple- 

all in all, our separate conversations became one, and after 4 hours, one thing was evident.
our life and vision of what love was, derived from our own previous experiences, from upbringing to outside influences.  
what we think, is what is true.

i was exhausted when i got on the plane, and i left leaving with two new friends, who opened their hearts and minds so freely, fed me with so much inspiration and energy.

thats real energy, real love, exchanged. in a non-romantic form, obviously.

where was i off to?

...a wedding.

"we loved with a love that was more than love"
edgar allan poe