Friday, May 27, 2011

Meet Michie-

Portland, Oregon

27 years young
june 14, 1983/ gemini
currently single
eastern european
born and raised in skokie, il
bilingual yoga instructor/ holistic health educator
vices are chocolate and warm days

season spring time
color pink
food kale
city prague
song cello suite #1 unaccompanied, Bach

quote "breathe"

book hope for the flowers by trina paulus

yoga, bike riding, writing haikus, gardening, tea time, hiking, playing guitar and violin, arts and crafts

how do you define love
a magical experience of connectedness on all levels

first kiss
summer before 8th grade

first time you were in love

how many times have you been in love
twice, romantic love

do you believe in love at first site

do you believe in soulmates
why not, i hope so

have you ever cheated

have you ever been cheated on

have you been heart broken

how were you affected 
well, i have to make sure i nurture my heart even more, and in different ways than i used to

are you in search of love right now
always open to the possibility of experiencing it

whats your physical type
in shape, not huge muscles, not over 6', light haired

what do you find attractive in a partner
i am attracted to a certain type of body odor in a way which affects my pheromones in a positive way and somebody who has a balance of street smarts, book smarts, independence, can give me hugs when i need it and when i dont.  free hugs.  has a sense of humour.  who is also magical and inspirational

what are your turn offs
long dirty nails, egoism, rudeness, rapists, fat bastards, and womanizers..and dirty teeth, and ugly shoes (i vera, am about to pee my pants)

family upbringing
well, nuclear family, middle class suburbia, a lot of ethnic diversity
supportive and challenging
lots of pressure to be an ideal...was sort of confusing as times
had to search for my own definition of love and individuality

what sustains romantic relationships
honest open communication, willingness to grow and to have fun, trust

do you believe in monogamy
i'd like to, the way i prefer things as of date

do you want to be married one day
its on my radar, not on my to do list

do you want to be a mother
not really sure

whats one thing you need to do or see before you die
live by a warm beach, again

how old do you feel
between 7-320 years old

where do you see yourself in 10 years
i will be 37, it will be 2021
will have written and published my stories on peru, and will live in a small town on a beach, where i ride my bike everywhere and have my cute little apartment, speaking spanish, and or french, portuguese, italian...
and lots of farmers markets.

in love?

love in spanish

do you believe in God?
its a loaded question.
my own definition of God is universal energy that connects with everything..